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Dr. Elizabeth Park has the soothing touch for all ages of apprehensive patients from toddler to elderly. Her petite hands make it comfortable for her patients who have the fear of claustrophobia. She has all the tools to make your dental experience a positive one: relaxing music; dimmed lighting; visual movie glasses you wear during your dental care; and nitrous oxide. She enjoys treating all types of patients and helping them achieve the smile they desire.

We take all comers!

Between Dr. Aglietti and Dr. Park, we treat every age of patient, from toddler to geriatric. We are also centrally located in downtown Carson City, walking distance from the legislature.

Emergency Service

Patients can rest assured that in an emergency there is someone to help. We have an alternating emergency service that is available to established patients.


Our office takes all forms of payments Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Care Credit. We pride ourselves on not having our patients sticker-shocked when they check out. We take the time to explain your dental insurance and your out of pocket expense so that you can proceed with your dental care at the pace that fits your budget. If you are unsure of financing options we can help you with attaining a third party financing based on your credit.

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Dr. Gary Aglietti has been treating patients in Carson City for the past 4 decades. He treats all types of dental needs from a small filling to complex cosmetic cases. He prides himself on having a great reputation based on his strong moral character and integrity. He genuinely enjoys people and dentistry.







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Same day lab service for dentures and partials.